The Hits Begining To Land?

After all of Glorious Leader’s teflon deflections of anything wrong over the past 2+ years of campaigning, with respect to the latest fiasco surrounding the Treasury Secretary’s inability to get anything right is showing a chink in the armor.

Even Dilbert Gibbs could not find the words to answer some poignant questioning by White House press people.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

7 thoughts on “The Hits Begining To Land?

  1. As a ‘Vietnam-Era’ vet (Navy-Seabees ’73-’79…although I don’t consider myself a ‘Vietnam’ vet), I am appalled at the way the majority of the public has allowed this blatant Marxist in cahoots with Congress to virtually ruin this once great country in as little as two months. The MSM is in his pocket and everything he says or does is parrotted by the MSM as wonderful, masterful, almost ‘messiah-like’. Excuse me while I go throw-up! What is going on in DC is a classic case of misdirection. Get the masses in an uproar over some insignificant detail, feign ignorance, pronounce they’ll ‘look out for your interest’ by creating a law to get back at those nasty capitalists, and pat themselves on the back for doing the public good. All while that is going on, they’re shoving a rod up the taxpayer’s behind with some other piece legislation and heating the other end so as to not to be able to extract it! I for one, am tired of a bunch of politicians looking out for their own interest instead of the country’s interests!
    I currently don’t own a weapon, but, that will change soon. I only hope it is not too late.

  2. I appreciate the kind words. As you can tell by my previous posting, I should have come up with a ‘handle’, so to speak (oops…now my name is out there for all to see!). Guess that goes to show I’m still figuring out how this contraption called a ‘puter works. I catch on fast, though.
    Back on topic…I firmly believe those currently in power want chaos…they want an uprising…so they can institute martial law nationwide. So it begs the question, will those presently in the service of our country, follow the orders of the President ( who, by the way, I believe is not constitutionally qualified to be POTUS ), or will they uphold the oath they took to defend the country from all enemies both here and abroad (keyword, HERE)? It is my hope that they choose to defend the country and her people instead of some despot hellbent on turning America into another Third World country. If they do, I will join them in the defense of this country and proudly so!!!
    Gotta run for now, will check back in on Monday.
    Have a good weekend…G-man52 out.

  3. Dr. Orly TAITZ, Esq. has spoken to Chief John Roberts and Justice Antonin Scalia in person about her ELIGIBILITY CASE against Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. et cetara. Both have agreed to review her Petitions and Briefs.

    When Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito review Dr. TAITZ’S Petitions and Briefs this will cause a conference call that requires all Justices to review her ELIGIBILITY CASE.

    Justice David Souter has demanded the usurper-in-chief to come forward with his original live birth certificate (not the forged certificate of birth his minions posted on the Internet) in the Hawaiian Vital Records Vault.

    I believe the Supreme Court must allow Dr. Taitz to present her case before the Court and Barry Soetoro will be forced to come forward with ALL of his sealed records from Occidental, Columbia, Harvard and any other records the court decides.

    Hopefully, the decision from the Court will be to send the narcissistic usurper to prison! The everything he has signed and enacted by the socialist congress and senate will be…NULL and VOID!


    Semper Fi,

  4. I am the proud mother of a Marine and the idea that that little man-child as Rush calls him is my son’s commander in chief makes me sick. My son was awarded a medal for valor for his service in Iraq, I doubt if Obama can even imagine what valor is. Marines were ordered to watch the inauguration, which says a lot about how they feel about him.

    • Send your son my best, and thank him for his service- from one service member to another.

      I find it interesting that they were ordered. We never were- though I don’t recall a lot of media showing troops gathered overseas to watch Bush’s inaugurations.

  5. Mornin’. I’d like to take a moment to thank all those men and women in our military…from the clerk in supply, to the soldiers on the front lines.
    Your service to this country is greatly appreciated.
    I respect those who became wounded for their sacrifice, and grieve for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Again, thank you.
    Now, that would be fantastic if Dr. TAITZ is successful before the Supreme Court. I do think not without a fight, though. Barry-O (I think), being a constitutional lawyer (thanks to ‘affirmative action’), will pull out all the stops to prevent the release of his records. However, then the chaos begins. The public must be aware of the possible chaotic aftermath and be prepared for it in whatever form it takes(Pres. BIDEN????). We must be vigilant….
    Carole Ann…I also would like to ask you to send your son my best as well as my thanks……

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