Buget Office Gives the REAL Numbers

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has the CBO numbers.

A few weeks back, if you may recall, our Glorious Leader spearheaded the passing of a $787 billion non-stimulus package. It was their answer to the great economic crisis, a crisis brought about by spending too much money on consumption and no money on production. It is obvious that they knew what they were doing. Even the lowly, common man understands the need to spend money to get out of debt.

At that time, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the very people who, in a non-partisan way, calculate out the annual budgets and how they will affect the economy. At that time the CBO said that the massive spend fest would bring a slight increase to the economy at first, but over the 10 year run it would leave us worse off than we started. That, alone, should have been reason enough to pause and actually read the bill, but no one cared and so continued the orgy of spending.

Today, after having a few weeks to accurately crunch the numbers, the CBO has published their adjusted findings. What were those findings? At the time of this writing, the unnoficial report is that it is about $1 trillion more than originally anticipated. You can read about it here, however, so when the official number is released you will be in th eknow..

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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