Teleprompter/Mint 2012?

You can read it at Little Miss Attilla, so it must be true.

Obama’s teleprompter has announced its candidacy for 2012. After all, it is the one with all of the soaring rhetoric and vision. Have you seen Obama speak when the teleprompter is not speaking for him? Not a good thing. It is obvious who has the real power in this relationship, so Tele has decided to cut out the middle man.

I can only assume that the Federal Mint will be his running mate, as the dollars it is printing will come in handy when working to pay off this great debt we are accumulating.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


2 thoughts on “Teleprompter/Mint 2012?

  1. I watched this guy speaking about his budget plan this morning. The teleprompter must have had a glitch because the guy was stumbling and bumbling. Sounded like Mel Tillis. Sorry, Mel.

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