More Obama Idiocy

Just when i think I can stop posting for the day, something comes up that gets so far under my skin that I have to post if or risk Cranial Implosion.

Glorious Leader has decided, apparently, to stop the federal program that allows pilots to carry weapons onto a plane. Gee. Hum. I wonder why a pilot would need to carry a gun? It isn’t like some psychopathic jihadist would try to take over a plane and, say, run into a building with it.


The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


One thought on “More Obama Idiocy

  1. Ahhh, good old Barry. I guess you’ve heard he will be on The Tonight Show tomorrow. I had to write about that one on my blog. Very disrespectful of the office he (unfortunately)holds.

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