Millions Set To Gain Citizenship

Of course, it does not matter that they are here against the law. Our very own Department of Homeland Security czar, Janet “Shamnesty” Napolitano is on board with ‘reviewing’ the departments raiding of workplaces suspected of hiring illegals. Break the law, you go to jail or get deported. Too bad, so sad. Quit being a criminal and join the process toward citizenship. Millions before you have done it.

We cannot even get them to fly the American flag. They tote around the flags of their homeland, cry out at how they are being discriminated against and then want the rest of America to feel sorry for them. Well, we don’t. Shut up and go home, criminal.

But, all of my venting means nothing, because Glorious Leader is now set to meet with the Shamnesty Gods. If you think it is bad now, wait until all of these loser criminals are given the same things already promised to the poor by Hopey Changey. I get sick just thinking of the millions of no load, bottom feeding pathetic crooks who will flood our borders, since the low life already here will be allowed to bring in family and extended family to help prop the liberal base.

Your government. Thank God they don’t run AA, because they are the biggest enablers of criminal activity there is.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


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