Trickle Down Works?

President Obama said today that trickle down economics (money) coming from the government it is good. So I would like an explanation why trickle down economics (money) coming from businesses that benefit from tax incentives is bad?

What happened to his vaunted trickle UP economics?  Yesterday he said that education reform is needed and that every child deserves a chance. But today he signs the legislation that kills the voucher program in D.C.?

His kids are too good to attend with low-income people? That is what will happen to those poor kids. They will now have to return to the worst school system in the country, Washington D.C.

I am so confused.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


2 thoughts on “Trickle Down Works?

  1. That’s part of his plan, to confuse. The more people are confused and fearful, the more they will turn to “The Messiah.” Okay, but then again, maybe he’s just a dumb as a rock.

  2. LOL. Not quite a rock, but pretty damn clueless on a lot of fronts.

    I say to help get him back on his game we let him go organize the poor in D.C. in an effort to twist the local school board’s arm into letting the kids back into those wealthy private schools.


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