Religion Of Peace At It Again

Perhaps it is time we just round them all up and send them back to Saudi Arabia. My ‘other cheek’ is becoming a flaming red color as it continually gets slapped by those who hate us so.

The muslim groups of Britain are actively trying to overthrow the established government and institute sharia law. Is there any reason to assume that they will not (are not?) actively working toward the same goal here in the USA? What about the sharia banks that are here? What about the so-called sharia loans being made so that muslims can own a home here? (Which is a JOKE and is just a way to bypass their so-called perfect laws).

If the current administration does not plummet this country into a civil war, I predict that WWIII will be a religious one. Check out our peaceful brethren as they greet the war-weary British troops.

Shades of Vietnam.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

One thought on “Religion Of Peace At It Again

  1. I saw the “greeting” for the troops in Britain and the story on the banks. Unbelievable. The Muslims will not stop until they control all. I hope the U.S. will not be caught offguard. Sometimes I think it is too late. Do you ever notice how advertisers gear commercials to certain groups? It’s like they have a crystal ball. Several years ago the ads were geared toward 4o something women because they were the ones that had spending power. Then I noticed more Latinos. After the election of “The One,” I noticed more blacks in commercials. Lately I have noticed more Middle Easterners in commercials. Watch a few commercials and see if you see the same thing. Advertisers know who the up and coming groups are.

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