Bush Causes Markets To Rebound

After all, if the former president caused the markets to collapse due to his policies (remember, Obama has said all along that he inherited this and the march to socialism was begun by President Bush) then the rally today (+400) must mean that those same policies deserve credit for stemming the tide of economic disaster.

The money pumped into the system by the porkulus bill has not even begun to flow, so that cannot be the reason. Perhaps the TAX CUTS in the bill? No, not much for business there. Or, is it more likely that the reason the market rebounded slightly is because someone gave good news to investors.

Citigroup says that posted profits for the first two months of the year. Hardly noteworthy were it not for all of the doom and gloom being spread by everyone. As it was, their stock rose to all of what, a $1.45 per share? A staggering $.40 increase for the day! If this little bit of news can bring about such dramatic change, imagine if Obama were to actually be optimistic when he campaigned to the people.

However, the rally is a false hope. Watch and see as the inflation begins to take hold. For now, I imagine it will fluctuate. If it goes up high enough, watch all of the last men standing cut and run. They see the market too. Once the result of all of this deficit spending hits, the taxes increase, inflation skyrockets and the foreign investors refuse to buy our treasuries, the market will plummet.

After that, who knows? Gird your loins, folks. The winds are starting to blow.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


2 thoughts on “Bush Causes Markets To Rebound

  1. We can either be victims, or heroes in this battle of economic war. It is both dangerous and opportunistic (“crisis”) in today’s economy. As individual foot soldiers in this battle, we should prepare our financial battle plans with all the weapons of safety in defense and strength in offense that we can intentionally align. We must first prepare our own plans and be positioned properly for the oncoming government changes so that we may remain flexible. We can only do this if we have a model to work from, and an intentional game plan(process) that prepares for the worst and can take advantage of the opportunities to succeed.

    I appreciate and enjoyed your post.

    Trent Fortner

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