Obama Team Can Only See 4 Months Ahead

Ok, maybe the title is an exaggeration. However, check out the new Obama site.

According to VP Joe Biden, the website NUMBER is http://www.recovery.gov
First, notice the pretty new logo. Michelle Malkin has some more fitting logos, but what I found most interesting is the timeline. With $500 million in campaign funds accumulated and the entire weight of the Federal Government behind them, Obama can only project his porkulus plan out to July 15, 2009? Why can we not see the REAL numbers out to 2019?
What a joke. I could have done something faster and more accurate by myself, given the resources available to him.
Once again we see how inept he is at leading. Get it rammed through. get it NOW NOW NOW. Who cares if it is accurate or professional. We DID something. We have SHOWN the American people we are bold men of action!
The revolution is at hand. Will you be aleader or a follower?

2 thoughts on “Obama Team Can Only See 4 Months Ahead

  1. I wonder if it will only be positive responses about peoples experiences in the next few months… on the recovery site…lol?

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