Why The Education System Sucks

Look at Detroit and the UAW (United Auto Workers Union). One need look no further to understand why the education system is in such a shambles. They are unions. And unions are killing almost every industry they run.

The NEA (National Education Association) works hard to prevent any reform of education whatsoever. Its lone beating mantra is more money for teachers, more money for teachers, and more money for teachers. Why would they want more teachers?

They will then have more dues paying members, of course.

But let there be real reform. How about merit pay instead of contracted pay? People are so paranoid that the EVIL school boards will rip off the POOR teachers. But under contract, the board is forced to pay a crappy teacher the same as a teacher willing to put in extra effort and who has proven results.

In LA, when most of the schools received failing grades, the local NEA blocked the board’s attempt to institute merit pay for teachers, saying that it would be ‘a cold day in hell’ when they allowed that sort of reform to occur.

When the St. Petersburg Times asked Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association executive director Jade Moore why few teachers were signing up for the merit pay program the union helped design for the school district, Moore replied, “Our goal was to make it nearly impossible.

Imagine that. A union whose sole purpose is to extort dues from its members and block education reform.

Don’t get me wrong. At one time in our history unions played a valuable part. But with modern society, myriad of new laws governing the workplace, the time for unions is over. All they do is strip the employer of any ability to make a profit or function freely. Look at the auto workers who get 95% pay even when laid off. Or the teacher who is so crappy and involved with scandal that he is removed from the classroom- and moved to an office with the school board at the same pay he was getting as a teacher, because the union contract prevented his dismissal.

People are crying out about the budget cuts. What is the answer? Give the schools more federal funding? When does the begging stop? I am all for federal subsidies for education. It is one of the few areas where I am FOR federal money.

But look at D.C. They have a voucher scholarship program that allows kids to go to private schools. D.C, OUR CAPITAL has some of the worst schools in the country. And with his new $410 billion bill, Obama is cutting the program funding and forcing all of those poor kids back into the crappy public schools.

For the children my ass. It is all about keeping people ignorant and uneducated so they won’t have a clue what is really being done to them.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?


4 thoughts on “Why The Education System Sucks

  1. The collapse of our economy has shown how evil the unions are. They would rather have their greed over their jobs. GM is nothing more but a retirement home, and I refuse to buy another GM car and support the UAW. I will be more than happy to drive my Honda in Detroit, and that is a very dangerous thing to do.

    • HI Heidi! This is great! Thanks for sharing your thtguhos. I agree with your deepest feelings about the value of each child and the shared responsibility we have to give all children the ability to thrive. Yes, we need to be active and supportive of creating the best opportunities we can for children and their education. We need to listen to the needs of children and those who oversee their care. As a teacher, I am often frustrated that I cannot provide the best learning environment for the children I teach. I am limited to the resources that I am given. I am frustrated that I cannot teach to my fullest abilities in the ways I would like to teach the children of today. More people need to get involved. Parents can have a voice but the community at large needs to contribute too. They need to know how we are all working very hard to meet the growing needs of children and the changing world around us: to prepare them to be able to work and contribute to our changing world. We need a huge tidal wave to move us forward and this means more people need to take a stand to bring us up to speed so your children are up to the pace of the world around them. Keep sending out the message, in as many ways you can. Your words can become contagious and reach the ears of those who can move us ahead. Thanks for working with us!

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