Terrorist Training Camps On U.S. Soil?

As reported on 2/16/2009, FoxNews (via Sean Hannity)  reported on roughly 35 para-military training facilities located throughout the United States.

Their ‘sheikh’ hails from their parent group in Pakistan. Watch the segment and tell me that our country is not headed for a major incident; if not between liberals and conservatives, then between foreign nationals and red-blooded hillbillies.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

6 thoughts on “Terrorist Training Camps On U.S. Soil?

  1. I saw this report. Yes, there is a camp in Texas (where I am living) and South Carolina (my homestate) They don’t want to mess with this redneck. I am mighty handy with a gun and I am learning to shoot a bow. I am just waiting for Mexico to collapse and the stream of people that will come over the border. We are planning to move in a little over a year, maybe back to The South. Won’t be soon enough for me.

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