Yankee Oppressor

The following is in response to the word that some turncoat RINO’s have helped the Democrats increase the pork-laden ‘stimulus’ bill to $1.75 TRILLION dollars. It is most sure to pass. We are so effing screwed, folks:

On February 6th, 2009 at 7:38 pm, Yankee Oppressor said:

I REJECT your attempts to force collectivism on the American people.
I REJECT the contempt in which you hold the American taxpayer.
I REJECT the notion that “I am responsible to the Federal Government” for an ever growing portion of the fruits of MY LABOR to be squandered on pet projects or given outright to those that have not EARNED it. I am a free man. YOU can make no claim on my labor or insist that I do my part by shouldering more and more of the load. The very idea of “trickle up” economics is absurd.
I REJECT your call for more sacrifice and service to this nation. I have worn the uniform of this nation for over 25 years and I have freely given my sweat and my blood to protect it. I have done enough. How many brothers have YOU buried? What were their names? What have YOU sacrificed? What have your children done without? What have you done except corrupt everything that you have laid your hands on?
I REJECT YOU for your belief that the Constitution of my country is a “living breathing document’.
I REJECT YOU for wrapping your liberal agenda in the flag that I love and then claim to be patriotic.
I REJECT YOU for your belief that the States are subordinate to the Federal Government and that the Constitution is an imperfect document. The sovereign states created the federal government not a national one. The central government only exists at the pleasure of the states. To do otherwise is illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional.
I REJECT YOU because you have destroyed the education system of this nation and you have bankrupted Social Security and mismanaged Medicare. You can not even run a cafeteria.
I REJECT YOU because you have ensured that you are not subject to the laws and systems you lay down for the “common” people.
I REJECT YOU because you cling to a failed ideology. Central Planning has FAILED everywhere it has been tried. Why would the outcome be an different here?
I REJECT YOU for your belief in anthropogenic global warming and for your plans to further cripple the most powerful economy on this planet with draconian measures designed to appease or enrich a select few.
I REJECT YOU for insisting that the United States continues to buy oil from people who wish to do us harm, ignoring the fact that we could safely drill or process oil shale here and be independent. Our entire economy revolves around affordable petroleum. New technology can not be created out of thin air.
I REJECT YOU because you believe in rights without responsibilities…certainly, an individual can and should be able to make decisions and have to FACE THE REPERCUSSIONS OF THOSE DECISIONS without affecting the rights of another.
I PROMISE that you will be held accountable for the innumerable crimes you have knowing committed against your constituents, this country and mankind at large.
I PROMISE to keep my solemn and sacred oath “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies foreign and domestic” which absolutely, unequivocally includes YOU!
I GUARANTEE you that the moment you begin your blatant and overt attack on the Second Amendment that millions of REAL Americans will institute organized and effective civil disobedience so that unless you plan to murder millions of this country’s citizens you will have no choice, but to cease and desist from such action OR accept the inevitable REVOLUTION which you would precipitate with your patently illegal and unconstitutional attack.
Tax cheats as Cabinet appointments. “New, tough” ethics rules waived on a whim. Diplomatic messages of weakness and cowering sent to our enemies. Oh, and a Democrat-owned porkulus political payoff package that will do nothing to stimulate anything except for the Democrat Party that costs more than the entire Iraq war.
I agree with the Heritage foundation when they state “It should not be government policy to spend massive amounts of taxpayer money to subsidize those who don’t need subsidies, provide homes for those who cannot afford to keep them, and in the process destroy the private mortgage finance system. Trying to short-circuit the market’s resolution of the current housing situation will be both expensive and unlikely to succeed.”
You have had quite a start to your administration. You’ve managed to raise the white flag to our enemies, bankrupt the next two generations of Americans, not stimulate the economy, and violate your own ethics rules. Oh, and you also walked into a window.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

5 thoughts on “Yankee Oppressor

  1. Yep, we’re effing screwed. I laughed whenever someone talked about Obama bringing the country together, blah, blah, blah. We are going to see huge divisions in this country that we have never seen before.

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