Parental Rights Are On The Chopping Block

Don’t think that the majority of liberals in Congress are a big deal? What if international law told you that you were no longer able to home school your child? What if you were not allowed to determine what religion your child worshipped?

You don’t think it can happen? Think again, because it already is.

Check out the treaty our beloved United Nations tried to get the USA to sign off on back in 1995.

Be sure and give thanks to the CONSERVATIVE movement that stopped it from being ratified after Madeline Albright, our U.S . ambassador to the UN, signed the thing.

Keep your eyes peeled. It is stuff like this that scares the hell out of me.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

7 thoughts on “Parental Rights Are On The Chopping Block

  1. That’s right, Sean. There will be no more celebration of Christmas. Not when the Government replaces the family. It won’t save you your hard-earned money, though. lol Cause the Government would be taking all of that, too. Here’s the poem:

    Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Senate and House,
    villainous creatures were stirring – even Barney Frank – that louse!

    The stockings and rest of their clothes were hung out to dry by the chimney with care,
    in the hopes that someday they’d have a dryer and electricity after people wised up from the Global Warming scare.

    The children were nestled shivering and frightened in in their beds,
    While horrid visions of Nanny Government danced in their heads;

    And mamma so cold with no heat sneezing in her ‘kerchief,
    and I so angry at the trade tax for that carbon-cap,
    Had just gotten the shot gun from the mantle – just so sick of this crap!!

    (It gets better from there – maybe – but I’d have to write it. lol)

  2. Since the U.N. is completely worthless when it comes to accomplishing their mandate they feel the need to meddle in other things.

  3. our homeschool community here around Houston is up in arms about this. i am sure that is the case all over the us. we are a large and ever growing group. many calls and letters are on their way.

  4. I graduated high school just south of Houston; in Alvin, 1982… Yay for small worlds! You are officially invited to my secret hiding spot in the swamp… For when the stuff hits the fan…

    I already have a minister! Right Grace?

    Grace?!? 🙂

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