First (Second?) Challenge

Vice-President Elect Joe Biden made the now-famous comments not too long ago, telling those gathered to ‘mark my words’ that an Obama administration would be tested within six-months of getting elected. For me, the scary part was that he went on to say that the response of the administration might not seem correct at first, but that they must give their support… ??? What the hell does THAT mean?

Anyway, that is old news. I chalk it up to yet another item not cared about by the MSM or anyone else, for that matter. Only we vigilant bloggers and a few in the conservative media gave it more than just a cursory look.

Fast forward a few weeks, way less than the six months stated by Biden, and we are already seeing the makings of several issues sure to face the former senator from Illinois. First, A-jad writes a letter of congratulations to Obama, then goes on to say what the U.S. NEEDS TO DO; follow that with the Russians putting missiles near the Polish border as a deterant to our putting up defense systems for that target of a nation; now we have Hamas saying that they want to sit down with Obama, as long as HE UNDERSTANDS that they have rights and options with respect to their hatred and wish for Israel to be destroyed.

Welcome to Obamanation, where everyone who hates the USA now has a leader who is willing to compromise with them because doing so will make the U.S. popular with the world again.

The revolution is at hand. Will you be a leader or a follower?

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