Led By The Nose

I still don’t get it. People everywhere are being led around by the nose and cannot see what is right there in front of them. Yesterday a new recording of Barack Obama surfaced. It was from a radio interview he gave while in San Francisco in January. JANUARY!

The inept way at which the Republicans have run this campaign for Johnny Mac staggers the mind. If this recording had surfaced a month ago, the poll results in Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and other states would not even be close. Not to mention that should everyone come to the understanding of the fact that we would be losing 45% of our energy creation and it would push othe polls as well.

I am beginning to think that the impossible is coming to pass- our country is going to be swallowed whole by those who want to see her fall rank-in-file with the rest of the world.

Beware of what you pray for- you just might get it.


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