Anything to win?

With all of the Obamedia support; with all of the rabid fans out their slathering over themselves to get close to the god-like figure of the Darling of the Democrats, why is it that the vast majority of wrong doing with respect to the election is centered squarely on that party?

The Republicans are not without fault, I know, but my God; illegal votes cast in Ohio where the culprits are let off as ‘mistaken’; ACORN out there illegally registering untold numbers of people (which, by the way, affects things particulary adversely in the polling, where they slant the numbers based on the number of registered voters in each group); so called ‘art’ in the form of a Sarah Palin effigy; and the list goes on.

News10, an ABC affiliat in California, ran this story. Take from it what you will, but in the words of one person, “If you let a person with the mind of a five year old vote, why not let all of the five year olds vote?”

I am all for letting peolpe of legal age vote, regardless of disability. But I whole-heartedly disagree with the institution’s method. At the very least, steps should have been taken to ensure that fair and equitable voting occurred.


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